How to assign static IP address on HG8245H

Many people prefer to have static internal IP address rather than some random numbers allocated by the DHCP server. Two ways to accomplish that, either assign a static IP directly in your computer network settings or use IP reservation which is the preferred way of doing it.

  1. Login to the web interface of the ONT/Router using the instructions found here
  2. On the top horizontal menu, click on Lan.
  3. mac-add-login.jpg
  4. In the left sidebar menu, click on DHCP Static IP Configuration.
  5. mac-add.jpg
  6. Click on the New button, and fill in with the MAC address of your device and your desired IP address.
  7. Click on Apply.

You’re DONE!!! Good Job!

7 thoughts on “How to assign static IP address on HG8245H

  1. Hi!, can you help me with vlan option with this ONT?, the scenario is:

    at home i have a hg8245h with the default addres, plugged at it´s ethernet ports 2 and 3 are two tp-link wifi routers, working normal, internet is fully functional, at the wifi network and at the ethernet ports.. but, in the ethernet port 1, i have a cable connecting a 8 port switch, where i have another tp-link wifi router linked as a bridge with another wifi router (working as a bridge too), that connects two distant locations, home and shop, the network at the shop is, i can ping all machines and routers at the both sides, but at the shop, even if a put an address with as the gateway, i can´t access the internet!!, remembering that i can ping and access the config screen of the hg8245h at the shop!!, i think that is a problem with the hg8245h vlan configuration!!, but i can´t solve it!!!, how can i free the ethernet port 4 or 1 at the hg8245h from vlan ? sorry for the big question!!!!


  2. this is a try to better explain the scenario!!

    home network
    tplink wifi 1 hg8245h port 2 ip
    tplink wifi 2 hg8245h port 3 ip
    8 port switch connected to hg8245h port 1 or port 4
    pc connected to this switch , ip

    ptp link made of

    tplink 1 as bridge (managment ip
    tplink 2 as bridge (managment ip

    shop network
    switch tp-link 24 ports unmanaged

    server ip
    internet gateway ip (internet actually comes from an ADSL modem, on a second board at the gateway, i want to use internet from home that is a fiber connection), but maintaining the networks separated)

    pc ip

    ptp is working normally, i can reach all machines from the both sides!!, at the shop, even if i change the pc ip to something like mask gateway, i can´t use the fiber internet connection!!!, i can ping the gateway, access its configuration from browser , but no internet available…



  3. this problem is basically routing issue where by two different internet are conflicting each other …you need to route your shop server into the HG8245 or otherwise configure the shop server as 192.168.100…..


  4. I like have a narrow IP set for DHCP like 192.168.xx.40 to 50 but i like have some device out of DHCP scope like xx.9 but HG8245H don’t let it or there is a trick for doing that ?


  5. Please note that the static IP assigned to the Mac Address MUST be inside the range defined on the “DHCP Server Configuration” page (Start/End IP Address). I usually configure this range only for the automatic (DHCP defined IPs) and leave the static ones outside the range. But on this router the static IPs also need to be inside the start/end range or you will end up getting an automatic IP inside such range. I hope this is not too confusing.. LOL


  6. Hi, I did the configuration as you mentioned in my hg8245h but when there are power outages, the modem assigns another IP address to the server that has the static IP configured and i don´t know why. When i access the modem the configuration is there but it does not assign it. I think is a firmware version issue. I have V3R019C10S300


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